Trusted by Kitchens® Shoppers

Yesterday I called the Kitchens store on the Branson Landing to inquire about a problem I was having with a baking stone that I had bought there. The person who I talked to, was Teresa. I told her that ever since I had bought the stone, whenever it was heated up, it would give off an obnoxious odor and I was inquiring whether anyone else had complained about this problem. Like all new things I thought that with enough use and time the smell would go away but it never did. She said that she hadn't heard of anyone complaining about it but would look on the Hager website to see. She took down my name and number and said that she would get back to me. A little later she called back to tell me that she had talked to the rep. about it and that the rep. was willing to send me a replacement, one that was a little different than mine, but would that be OK? Well heck yes. I didn't expect that. And that is what you call excellent customer service. I feel Teresa went above and beyond what was expected of her, to make a customer happy. She is truly a wonderful employee and person. You should be very proud that she represents your company like that. It seems with most companies, customer service no longer exists. You don't like it, you don't have to shop here anymore, which is the attitude you get from a lot of businesses. My thanks and gratitude to Teresa for answering my phone call. You can bet that I will be shopping there again and telling my friends what a great store it is. Thank you again.

Kathy Wiehe

Kitchens Shopper